Project CRITICAL Workshop 5 Agenda

September 14, 2021


4:00 p.m.           Project CRITICAL Website



4:10: p.m.         Completing W9 form

W9 forms (numbers 1, 3, 5, 6, Part I: SS#, Part II: sign and date)

Docusign, Adobe Acrobat reader


4:20 p.m.           SCALES Identification of Talent Pool Students

                        Google Quiz

                                Quizlet: Learning

                                Quizlet: Creativity

                                Quizlet: Motivation


                        Registration:  Online SCALES


4:45 p.m.           Progress on PPA Presentations

PPA, Steps

A PPA PowerPoint is a PowerPoint that incorporates the steps from the PPA model.

·         Big List

·         Good examples

·         Guided Practice on How to Create PowerPoint

·         PowerPoint in the Classroom

·         Google Slides 


5:20 p.m.           BREAK


5:30 p.m.           Work on presentation


Presentation topics

o   Formulating a good Social Problem (Step 1 of the PPA)

o   The AHPPA and GHPPA

o   Text boxes and general formatting (Text boxes)

o   Creating hyperlinks (How to)

o   Inserting Images/pictures (Pictures)

o   Slide Transitions (Transitions)

o   Custom Animation (Animation)

o   Google Slides (Getting Started Video)(How to)


6:20 p.m.   Submitting Presentation

Presentation Checklist

View and access presentation at the Products’ link


Share or attach to staff developers

Make sure you give Share with editing privileges to:


6:55 a.m.           Workshop Evaluation


7:00 p.m.           Adjourn