How to create a hyperlink in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint


·         Have open your Word (or PowerPoint) document and your internet browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox)


·         In your Word/PowerPoint document, type in the text you would like to become a hyperlink


·         Select this text by highlighting it (put the cursor at one end of the text and dragging your mouse over the text while holding down the mouse key)


·         Go to “Insert” in the menu at the top of your screen and select “Hyperlink”  (You could also select “Apple k” on your keyboard)


·         The “Insert Hyperlink” window will pop open asking you for the address you would like to link to


·         Go back to your internet browser and go to the webpage you want to link to


·         When you get to the page you want to link to, select the address in the address bar by either double-clicking on it or highlighting it


·         Once the address is highlighted type “Apple c” on your keyboard to copy it


·         Go back to your Word/PowerPoint document (sometimes the address will automatically be inserted in the address field, if so, then skip to the final step)


·         Click in the “address” field of the “insert Hyperlink” pop up window and type “Apple v” on your keyboard


·         Click the “OK” button and popup window will disappear and the text in your Word/PowerPoint document should appear as colored hyperlink