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Welcome to the Public Policy Analyst (PPA)

A public policy is a government action usually intended to deal with a social problem. Every day policies are enacted in your school, city, state, country and throughout the world that will affect your life.
Consider these examples:

  • Central High School requires drug-testing for student athletes
  • Your state enacts tougher graduation requirements
  • The federal government enacts a tax cut
  • The United Nations authorizes military intervention involving U.S. troops

Policy decisions play a very large part in shaping our American and global history, as well as a member of today�s global community, it is essential to have the skills related to analyzing historical and current public policy issues. The six versions of the Public Policy Analyst (PPA) will guide you through the problem solving skills necessary to study historical and current American and global public policy issues. Since public policy affects all aspects of life, these skills can be used not only in social studies courses, but also in subjects such as science and language arts.

In addition to policy skills, you will also be learning how to effectively use the Internet to research and gather information, engage in collaborative problem solving, and communicate with knowledgeable people regarding your public policy issue. These technology skills will help you now as a student and after you graduate.

PPA is based on a model developed by W.D.Coplin & M.K.O'Leary

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