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The Global History Public Policy Analyst (GHPPA): Introduction

"The global history and geography core curriculum is designed to focus on...common themes that recur across time and enables students to investigate issues and themes from multiple perspectives and make global connections and linkages that lead to in-depth understanding."
  --Social Studies Resource Guide for Global History and Geography

  New York State Education Department, p.89

The content in the New York State social studies curriculum for Global History and Geography is structured chronologically. In each time period, there are concepts and themes related to the content. Also, the "connections" column poses questions to compare the events in that time period to other situations in different periods involving the same concepts and themes.

Throughout global history, nations have confronted a wide variety of public policy issues. These issues are reflected in many of the concepts and themes in the state curriculum. Themes such as Conflict, Economic Systems, Diversity, and Imperialism involve complex social problems. The efforts by various players to develop and implement public policies to address these social problems have shaped global history.