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Gathering the Evidence of the Problem

In step 1, "Defining the Social Problem," you wrote a paragraph that introduced the nature and scope of the problem that you wish to examine. So far, you have presented a general description of the problem. But how serious a problem was this in global history? What were the undesirable social, political or economic consequences that were produced by this problem? How is this problem related to the theme that you identified in step 1?

As you answer these questions, you are developing problem solving and information gathering skills through doing Internet research. Therefore, this step requires your group to use the Internet to locate at least three different sources of evidence to present the impact of the problem.

This website has numerous global history resource links that are related to the Topics for Developing Global History Social Problems. Some of these sites will contain primary sources, statistics on these problems, articles by experts, and case studies.

Also, you may do an Internet search with keywords from the social problem to locate additional web resources, documents, and data.

Worksheet 2: Gather the Evidence (HTML Version)
Worksheet 2: Gather the Evidence (MSWORD Version)


Step 3: Determine the Causes