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The GHPPA is designed as an online resource for use with the content, concepts and themes, and connections in the state curriculum. Specifically, the GHPPA will help you to gain a fuller understanding and appreciation of the major public policy issues nations have confronted and attempted to resolve during various periods. You are not simply studying the facts that are contained in your global history textbook. As a public policy analyst, you are looking beyond the isolated facts to identify and investigate social problems in global history. Why did these social problems exist? What policies did governments enact to deal with them? Were these policies successful? Have similar social problems existed at other times in global history? How would you evaluate the public policies that were enacted to address those similar social problems?

The public policy issues that you will be analyzing are each related to one or more concepts and themes. Most historical issues can usually be connected to similar public policy issues related to that theme in another time period. For example, you could study public policy issues related to imperialism or economic systems in the 19th, 20th or 21st centuries. Just as the curriculum guide encourages connections within themes across time periods, the GHPPA will also give you that opportunity. In other words, when you complete the analysis of an historical public policy issue, you will have the option to examine a similar problem related to that theme. The similar problem may have taken place in another country in another period or may exist today. In this way, you will be making connections and learning from past efforts to deal with similar social conditions.