PPA Presentation CHECKLIST



Teacher is using Google Slides to guide a lesson being taught that day                                Yes      No

Title is clear and informative                                                                                                  Yes      No

Teacher's name, school, and e-mail address are present                                                        Yes      No

The background color, text and font are easy to read/look at                                                Yes      No

The topic is related to a Public Policy Analysis                                                                     Yes      No

You have included all the steps of the PPA                                                                           Yes      No

There are links to PPA steps                                                                                                   Yes      No

The hyperlinks are all relevant, accurate, workable and up to date                                       Yes      No

There was an internal consistency throughout the presentation                                             Yes      No

Pictures/Graphics/Animation/Sound are appropriate                                                             Yes      No

Proper citations and copyright information                                                                            Yes      No

Content is factually accurate                                                                                                  Yes      No

Your presentation consists of a minimum of 7-10 slides                                                       Yes      No