Project CRITICAL Workshop 8 Agenda

November 9, 2021


4:00 p.m.             Project CRITICAL Website and Contacts


4:05 p.m.             The PPA    The Steps


A “PPA WebQuest” is a WebQuest that incorporates the steps from the PPA model.

WebQuests can be created using any word processing program (i.e. Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs).


4:10 p.m.             Overview of the Parts of a PPA WebQuest

·        Sample WebQuest 1: Food Waste at PS 129

·        Sample WebQuest 2: Global Water Crisis

Big Product List


4:30 p.m.             Teachers create/define a social problem from their curriculum/community, activity

·        Activity:  Developing a Social Problem for WebQuest,


1)               Think of a problem from your community/curriculum that you would like to teach over an extended period using the PPA steps. 

2)               Imagine the tasks/products you want your students to complete at the end of this lesson.


4:50 p.m.             Title and Introduction

                                      WebQuest Template    word           docs


5:00 p.m.             Task: Objective(s) that you want your students to produce/create

Types of Tasks

Student Products


5:20 p.m.             BREAK


5:30 p.m.             Process and Resources

·        Process Checklist

·        Internet Searches

·         Evaluate a Website

·         Insert an Image How-To Video

·         Create a Hyperlink

·         Create a Hyperlink How-to Video


6:00 p.m.             Evaluation and Conclusion

Rubrics, Customize a rubric

Rubric How-to Video



6:15 p.m.             Standards

NYS Next Generation Learning Standards  roadmap

Common Core Standards

Interdisciplinary Problem Solving (standards from at least two subjects)


6:20 p.m.             Work on your WebQuest


6:55 p.m.             Evaluation


7:00 p.m.             Adjourn