Public Policy Analyst (PPA) Products


Below are links to PPA teacher-created products (WebQuests and Presentations) which were created by teachers who attended one of Project LEGAL’s projects.  These products were created by teachers from lower elementary up to AP and IB classes.  Some teachers had no technology skills when they began, some were very advanced.  Almost all subject areas are present (especially Social Studies, English Language Arts and Science).  By the nature of the PPA process, there are fewer from the hard sciences and math.  Some teachers chose problems encountered in their classrooms and/or schools, while most address problems found in that teacher’s curriculum.  They are searchable by title (Control “F” on a pc), and each product also includes the teacher name, school, year in the project, and name of the project.  Some of the teacher information as well as the content in the lessons are out of date. 

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PPA WebQuests


ConLaw WebQuests