PPA WebQuest

The Process explains strategies students should use to complete the task(s) that have been stated in the previous section.  For example, it would state clearly how the students will develop the PowerPoint or how the class will implement the steps of the PPA. The exact links for the various six steps of the PPA process are used.  You might want students to fill out the appropriate PPA worksheets for each step of the PPA.  This information can then be used by your students to complete the task, be it a paper, a PowerPoint or a poster.  The instructor can also use this place to provide learning advice and interpersonal process advice, such as how to conduct a brainstorming session.  The Resources are, primarily, the websites students will use to complete the task(s).  Providing resources for your students will help focus the exercise on processing information instead of just locating it.  These resources are pre-selected (by the instructor) for the learner so attention can be focused on the topic.  Also provide information as to how to organize information that they will gather.  It is good to incorporate the resources within the process section where they will be needed.  Some offline resources (texts, maps, and face to face interactions with knowledgeable people) may be included as well.  The process is the largest and most in depth part of a WebQuest.  All information/instructions that students need should be included here.  If you want students to work individually, or in pairs, or in groups, then this is where you should state how the groups are formed (i.e. by the students or by the teacher).