Project CRITICAL by Syracuse University with Community School District 5 & 6 (CSD 5 & CSD 6) in New York City. CRITICAL is an acronym for five objectives and outcomes:
  1. Curriculum Restructuring: our teachers restructure their courses to focus on social problems and to integrate strategies for teaching G/T students and differentiating curriculum;
  2. In-service Training: teachers will acquire the theoretical, substantive and methodological knowledge and skills necessary to implement the G/T models and EL strategies, and the Public Policy Analyst (PPA) Internet applications;
  3. Identification: disadvantaged students in regular content classes will be identified as G/T as a result of using Renzulli's Scales
  4. Computer Applications: teachers will integrate the project's new PPAs, our PBL technologies
  5. Learning outcomes: students identified as G/T will score significantly higher than randomly selected Control students
Description: ppa

Public Policy Analyst

Description: 3rings

Renzulli's Three Ring
Conception of Giftedness