Project CRITICAL Workshop 1 Agenda

August 24, 2020


8:30 a.m.           Welcome/Introductions

A PowerPoint Overview


Project CRITICAL Website and Contacts


8:45 a.m.           Administrative Requirements

·         Workshop Attendance, future workshops discussion at end of day

·         W9 Forms

·         Completion of Products

·         Curriculum Restructuring Forms (see 1 pm)

·         SCALES database: Identification of Talent Pool Students

·         End of Year Teacher Perceptions of Student Technology Survey (May 2021 workshop)

·         End of Year Teacher Survey (May 2021 workshop)


9:00 a.m.           The Importance of Teaching Public Policy Skills

Overview of the PPA     The Steps


9:30 a.m.           Group work (Breakout Rooms), modeling an example through the PPA steps

                                Group 1:  Mott Hall, FDA, H.S. for Law & Public Service

Group 2:  Reynolds West Side HS, HS for Media & Communications

Group 3:  New Design MS, PS/IS 149

Group 4:  PS/IS 187, UAFL

Group 5:  PS/MS 129

Step #1: Defining the Social Problem:

Input Shared Data

Step #2: Gathering Evidence of the Problem:

Input Shared Data

Step #3: Identifying the Causes of the Problem

Input Shared Data


10:45 a.m.         Step #4: Evaluating Existing Public Policies

Input Shared Data

Step #5: Developing Public Policy Solutions

Input Shared Data

Step #6: Selecting the Best Public Policy Solution

Input Shared Data


12:00 p.m.         LUNCH


12:30 p.m. Review of the PPA (Example: Bird Strikes)

·         Find PPA problems: in the news *

·         Plastic

Common problems when developing a social problem

·         Activity: Developing a Social Problem ans


12:45 p.m. PowerPoint

PPA, Steps

PowerPoint Examples

A PPA Presentation is a presentation that incorporates the steps from the PPA model.

Big List

1:45 p.m.   Looking ahead to tomorrow’s workshop

Think of a problem from your school/community/curriculum that you would like to teach using the PPA steps. 


2:00 p.m.   Teachers create/define a social problem from their school/curriculum/community

·         Curriculum Restructuring Form 

·         Developing a Social Problem for Presentation


2:15 p.m.           Future Workshops Survey


2:25 p.m.           Evaluation


2:30 p.m.           Adjourn