Educational Technology Solutions


Existing Services:

  • FlippedTIPS is an approved vendor for New York City Schools under the MTAC R0997 Social Studies Education
  • FlippedTIPS currently works with NYC districts as the main treatment on several New York State awarded Learning Technology Grants in District 5, District 11 and District 30.
  • FlippedTIPS recently completed three one-day workshops that introduce teachers to computer science through the CS4ALL program.
  • FlippedTIPS helps maintain the sustainability of over 30 past U.S. Department of Education and NY State-funded projects through the websites and online/phone support.

Available Services:

  • FlippedTIPS provides teacher training in the TIPS methodology in addition to practical hands on support in creating online lessons.
  • Half-day and one-day workshops cover many topics from the use of the PPA to the technology used by teachers in creating online lessons for their students.
  • Longer projects begin with an introduction to the PPA as well as follow up with emphasis on the different techniques and technology to implement the FlippedTIPS approach.

FlippedTIPS is the website of Joseph Montecalvo Consulting.