Educational Technology Solutions


TIPS is an acronym for Teaching Inter-disciplinary Problem Solving. The "flipped" portion of the name was included to emphasize the use of online technology in both the professional development and implementation of the TIPS model.

The FlippedTIPS professional development model for teachers focuses on hands-on learning, technology integration, and problem solving through the use of the Public Policy Analyst (PPA). The PPA is a problem solving approach that students follow in examining a problem and ultimately developing solutions to that problem. The basic six step PPA begins with Defining the Problem, then proceeds to Gathering Evidence of the Problem, Identifying Causes of the Problem, Examining an Existing Policy of the problem, Developing New Policy Solutions and finally evaluating those solutions to Determine the Best Policy. Through the use of the PPA, students further develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as in their ability to use digital resources effectively.

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