Year 7 Teacher Products




PRESENTATION: Lack of Student Involvement Within the Community

WEBQUEST: Lack of Student Involvement Within the Community

L. Potts

M 157

PRESENTATION: Low Parent Involvement

WEBQUEST: Family Instability

C. Lewin-Rabb

PS 92

PRESENTATION: Problem with School Drinking Water

WEBQUEST: Negative Effects of Social Media

C. Simon

PS 36

PRESENTATION: Ethnic Discrimination at PS 46

WEBQUEST: Racism in the North

T. Burks

PS/MS 46

PRESENTATION: Students Do Not Feel Connected at PS/MS 123

WEBQUEST: Food Waste in District 5

I. Castro-Astor

PS/MS 123

PRESENTATION: Lack of Mental Health Curriculum in Schools

WEBQUEST: Subway Deaths and Injuries

C. Davis

Lions Charter School

PRESENTATION: Low Test Scores in NYC Schools

WEBQUEST: Food Insecurity in NYC

R. Little-Barnes

PS/MS 161

PRESENTATION: Low Make Up Work Submission

WEBQUEST: Increase of Single-Use Plastic

D. Natalia


PRESENTATION: Lack of Mental Health Support at FDA

WEBQUEST: Inadequate Mental Health Supports at FDA

L. Nugent


PRESENTATION: Poor Attendance in ENL and Self-Contained Classes at IS 187 Hudson Cliffs

WEBQUEST: Plastic Pollution

E. Rodriguez

PS 187

PRESENTATION: Lack of Parental Involvement

WEBQUEST: Air Pollution in NYC

K. Williams

PS 30

PRESENTATION: Tardiness for Class

WEBQUEST: Tardiness in PS 92

T. Wilson-Phillps

PS 92

PRESENTATION: Stress in Students at FDA

WEBQUEST: Poor Time Management at FDA

T. Haffoney


PRESENTATION: Gender Inequalities in NYC Public Schools

WEBQUEST: Schools Lack Funding for Music and Art Programs

R. Jones

UA Future Leaders

PRESENTATION: Lack of Student Accountability

WEBQUEST: Too Much Time Preparing for Standardized Tests


UA Future Leaders