Year 6 Teacher Products




PRESENTATION: Bullying in NYC Public Schools

WEBQUEST: Absenteeism at NYC Public Schools

WEBQUEST: Students Lack Motivation at PS 92


Alaa Ahmed

PS 92

PRESENTATION: Oppression of Russian Citizens

WEBQUEST: Oppression in Russia

WEBQUEST: Lack of Textile Industry in Kenya


Lauren Blackburn

American Sign Language H.S.

PRESENTATION: Lack of Ethnic Studies Classes at West Side High School



Brandon Camacho

Edward Reynolds West Side H.S.

PRESENTATION: A Rise in School Shootings in New York State



Meredyth Chaves

PS 197M

PRESENTATION: Increased Violence on NYC Subways

WEBQUEST: Student Voices, Student Votes


Marybeth Christiansen

Mott Hall H.S.

PRESENTATION: Violent Crimes in Harlem

WEBQUEST: The Rats Are Among Us in New York City

WEBQUEST: Bullying in NYC Classrooms


Christine Davis

UA Future Leaders

PRESENTATION: Ignoring School Uniform Protocols at MS 324

WEBQUEST: Lack of ENL Teachers in CSD6


Ellen Dupree

MS 324

PRESENTATION: Energy Wasted in U.S. Homes

WEBQUEST: Depression in Today's Youth

WEBQUEST: Phone Addiction in Today's Youth


Tihira Haffoney


PRESENTATION: The Dress Code is too Strict at Baychester

WEBQUEST: The Existence of Food Deserts in the Bronx

WEBQUEST: We Need Clean Air in the Bronx


Sharra Jackson

Baychester MS

PRESENTATION: Student Homelessness in NYC Public Schools

WEBQUEST: Rat Population in Harlem

WEBQUEST: NYCDOE schools lack Mental Health resources

Renee Jones

UA Future Leaders

PRESENTATION: No Masks Worn at PS36

WEBQUEST: Chronic Absenteeism in Our School

WEBQUEST: Too Much Testing

Faiza Khalid

PS 36

PRESENTATION: Pollution in the Hudson River

WEBQUEST: Land in the U.S. is Becoming Uninhabitable

WEBQUEST: Flooding from stronger storms due to rising global temperature

Victoria Lodi

New Design MS

PRESENTATION: The Danger of Silence in "Purple Hibiscus"

WEBQUEST: Discrimination of Gender Non-Conforming Students

WEBQUEST: Mental Illness in 'Fences'

Monik Marte

HS Media & Communications

PRESENTATION: Childhood Obesity in Harlem Schools

WEBQUEST: Poor Social Engagement in Harlem Classrooms

WEBQUEST: Displacement in Harlem Due to Gentrification


Allary Montague

PS/MS 129

PRESENTATION: Poor Academic Achievement in District 5 Schools

WEBQUEST: Poor Academic Achievement in CSD 5

WEBQUEST: Unemployment and Underemployment of People in Ethnic Communities of NYC


Cris Munnings


PRESENTATION: Gentrification and West Harlem



Abdur Rahaman

New Design M.S.

PRESENTATION: Tardiness and Excessive Absences at Frederick Douglass Academy

WEBQUEST: Senior Anxiety

WEBQUEST: Drug and Alcohol Abuse at FDA

Nisha Ramirez


PRESENTATION: Homelessness in NYC

WEBQUEST: Many Girls Do Not Have Access to Education

WEBQUEST: Too Much Child Labor

Alicia Riviere

UA Future Leaders

PRESENTATION: Depression in NYC Public Schools

WEBQUEST: School Shootings

WEBQUEST: Flu Pandemic

Dawn Roberts

PS 92

PRESENTATION: Cyberbulling at PS 129

WEBQUEST: Attendance Issues at CS 129M

WEBQUEST: No Gym at CS129M


Sahar Shabazz

PS/MS 129

PRESENTATION: 8th Grade Math Scores Have Dropped

WEBQUEST: Increased Rate of Depression Amongst Teenagers in the U.S.


Cherise Spriggs

MS 324

PRESENTATION: Homework is Not Done by Students at UAFL

WEBQUEST: Obesity in NYC Schools


Tracy Steele

UA Future Leaders

PRESENTATION: Lack of Nutrition for Middle Schoolers in Harlem

WEBQUEST: Balance in Our Curriculum to Dispel Racial Stereotypes

WEBQUEST: Inteleectual Property: The Rights to Thought

Lynda Watkins Turner

New Design M.S.

PRESENTATION: Specialized High Schools Low Acceptance Rates for People of Color

WEBQUEST: Low Rates of Black and Latinx Students in NYC Specialized High Schools

WEBQUEST: Lack of Engaging Science Curricula

Brooke Williams

PS/MS 46

PRESENTATION: Comparing the Ming Dynasty and the Ottoman Empire

WEBQUEST: Evaluating Legacies


Brandon Wright

Frank Sinatra School of the Arts HS