Improve Student Test Performance on Math Regents



Veronica Kourany

Gregorio Luperon High School

9th and 10th Grade




At Gregorio Luperon High School, the students’ regents results show the average is below the citywide average. The principal and the teachers offer extra review after school, try their best to provide resources and conduct mock regents to try to improve those results every year. Students need to be aware of these results. We want you to be a Public Policy Analyst and get involved on how to improve our test scores. You will be responsible for analyzing the problem, coming up with a solution and presenting your findings.



Your task is to identify reasons why students score low on the regents. You will be working in groups of four and each person will have a role. Each group will present to the class their solutions creating:


  1. A PowerPoint
  2. An Oral Presentation
  3. Displaying the Evidence (can be combined with the PowerPoint)
  4. A Page Essay





You will be broken up into groups of 4 and within your groups you can decide who will write the Essay, who will create the PowerPoint, who will be the collector and organizer of the evidence/data and finally, who will be the presenter of the group.


  1. In your essay, you need to address the problem, include your evidence, identify the causes and include your solution. Use the worksheets provided from the six steps of the PPA found below to gather all your information before starting your essay.
  2. In your PowerPoint, you need to address the problem, include your evidence, identify the causes and include your solution. Display the evidence on the PowerPoint (with a chart, pictures, etc.….)
  3. To collect evidence (can be included within the PowerPoint):

·         Research previous data and organize it in a matter where you can display it.

·         Create a personal survey for students in the school to answer and organize your findings to display.


Your group will use the 6 steps of the Public Policy Analyst (PPA).

Define the Problem (given)

2. Gather the Evidence using Worksheet #2
            3. Identify the Causes using Worksheet #3
Evaluate an Existing Policy using Worksheet #4
Develop Solutions using Worksheet #5
Select the Best Solution  (Feasibility vs. Effectiveness) using Worksheet #6


Resources you can use:



·         2012 Scores



Rubric for PowerPoint and Oral Presentation














Critical thinking

Thoughtfully and accurately interprets results, shows in-depth understanding of major ideas

Identifies relevant arguments, justifies results, offers reasons

Usually justifies results and offers reasons

Misinterprets data, gives unjustified arguments



Quality of information

Covers topic thoroughly, includes details that support the topic

Includes essential information, includes some supporting details

Includes most essential information, details are somewhat sketchy

Lacks essential information




Well organized and coherent, topics are in logical sequence, includes clear introduction and conclusions

Organized, some topics are out of logical order, conclusions are generally clear

Some organization, topics jump around, conclusions are unclear

Not organized, topics make no sense



Grammar and spelling

All grammar and spelling are correct

Only one or two errors

More than two errors

Very frequent grammar and/or spelling errors



Visual design

Visually appealing, clean simple layout, text is easy to read, graphics enhance understanding of ideas

Visually attractive, text is easy to read, colors enhance readability, graphics and special effects do not distract from understanding ideas

Text is sometimes hard to read, sometimes graphics or special effects distract from understanding

Text is very difficult to read, layout is cluttered and confusing



Oral presentation

Well prepared, speaks clearly, makes eye contact with audience, delivers with ease, invites questions

Engages audience, fluid delivery, uses different approach other than simply reading screen, invites questions

Clear and understandable, uses limited delivery techniques

Not clear, not understandable




Willingly accepts and fulfills individual role in group, sensitive to feelings and needs of group members

Fulfills individual role within group without prompting, respectful of others

Works toward group goals with occasional prompting, maintains positive attitude

Works toward group goals only when prompted, needs occasional reminders to be sensitive to others














You have conducted your Public Policy Analyst with using the six steps on the issue of Student Performance on Mathematical Regents. Congratulations!



NYS Standards

Social Studies

Standard 1: Students will use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding of major ideas, eras, themes, developments, and turning points in the history of the United States and New York.



9-10R1: Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly/implicitly and make logical inferences; develop questions for deeper understanding and for further exploration.



Statistics and Probability

AI-S.ID.1. Represent data with plots on the real number line (dot plots, histograms, and box plots).