Bullying During Recess


P. S. 36

The Margaret Douglas School

Ms. Griffin






Is it important to be kind to others?  Students expect their peers to be kind to them, especially during recess.  Students anticipate their peers sharing games, toys, food, etc.  Many students are still experiencing bullying, particularly during recess.






Students will document different emotions they feel when bullied.


During the task, students will have the opportunity to:

1.      Complete a worksheet, drawing pictures of the different emotions you feel when bullied.

2.      Label each picture with a full sentence describing the picture.



Process Resources:       


Students will be working in groups.  While in their group, they will discuss bullying and how it makes you feel when bullied. 


1.      View a short video on bullying on the playground at recess. 

2.      Have a discussion on how the children reacted to being bullied.


Other Resources:                   Sesame Street video


Step 1: Define the problem

There are a growing number of students who are bullied in school, during recess.



Step 2: Gather evidence

Records and anecdotes from the lunch staff, teachers, and administration will show the number of bullying incidents that have occurred during recess, vs other times of the day.


Watch videos: video on bullying

                        Sesame Street video


Step 3: Identify the causes

Supervision during recess hours.

Engaging activities for students to participate in during recess hours.


Step 4: Evaluate an existing policy

The school has a bully-free policy.

Read a section of school policy on bullying


Step 5: Develop solutions


Step 6: Select the best solution (Feasibility vs. Effectiveness)





Rubric for Bullying During Recess.




                                    Rubric 2



Student drew pictures, labeled pictures, and wrote clear sentences describing each pictures.


Student drew pictures, labeled pictures, and wrote some words to describe pictures.


Students drew some pictures, labeled some pictures and did not write any words or sentences to describe pictures.


You will watch a video on bullying during recess.

You will refer to the rubric to complete your worksheet.



Learning objectives:


You will be able to verbally express your feelings.  You will be able to talk problems out with your peers, without altercation.  You will build relationship skills.





You did it!!!!!!!!!


Now you are looking forward to having fun and playing with your classmates on the playground.  Run for that slide!  Run for that swing! Run for those monkey bars!







Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose informative/explanatory texts in which they name what they are writing about and supply some information about the topic.