Project CRITICAL Workshop #13

May 19, 2021


4:00 p.m. Requirements

        SCALE students

Three Lessons:

1.     WebQuest

2.     Presentation

3.     WebQuest (use groupings/roles of students to differentiate Tasks)


4:15 p.m. End of Year Assessments

        Teacher Assessment of Student Technology Skills

       End of Year Teacher Evaluation


5:30 p.m. BREAK


5:45 p.m. Sustainability & Continuation

        Information Sheet for Year 5,


        Continued access to website, listserv and resources

        Continued access to teacher products

        Ability to emend or add to lessons

        Ability to create additional lessons to be posted


6:25 p.m. SCALE students

Completing Student SCALES video


6:55 p.m. Evaluation


7:00 p.m. Adjourn